Cool SEO Techniques From Semalt To Triple Search Traffic

People need to understand that by banking on SEO they can significantly increase their site traffic. Gaining the top rankings will improve the site's visibility, meaning more conversions and increased revenue. The following is a list of advanced SEO techniques prepared by Nik Chaykovskiy, the Semalt Senior Customer Success Manager, that will enhance search traffic.

Complete an SEO audit

It helps with the discovery of why the site does not get enough traffic. Auditing in SEO is a technique which will help to attract and retain customers. The things to look out for are meta titles and descriptions, optimized keywords, and URL optimization. Ensure all pages and posts have correct formats, images have ALT tags and confirm the viability of content links.

Learn about the user needs

Since Google is a big data company, it deals with a lot of information from several companies. Therefore, one must focus on the interests and needs of the target audience. Customer feedback is an excellent place to source for data to include in the content marketing. Use Quora, consult Google Analytics, see what posts get the most shares, and scroll visitor comments.

Create an optimized landing pages

The more the number of landing pages, the higher the chance of gaining more search traffic. The homepage is important, but it is also important to initiate a healthy relationship through the landing pages. Good landing pages do not have any navigation, has engaging content and a call to option feature.

Create a mobile-friendly website

It is important for business owners to make sure that the site performs well on a mobile device. A responsive web design means that users can view the desktop web pages on their mobile devices.

Use infographics to grow traffic

Infographics are now popular since they quickly provide complex information. A graphic communicates more content than a text. Creating an infographic is simple as it only requires one to research the statistics and then create it.

Use RankBrain to optimize content

RankBrain is an artificial intelligence which allows for search results analysis. It attempts to create connections between what people search, and the high-ranking keywords.

Have at least 1890 words on every post

The average number of words contained in the pages appearing at the top was found to be 1890 according to Backlinko. The trick is to make sure that one covers each topic in detail to create value to the visitor.

Include a roundup post

A roundup post is when the owner of the original post conducts interviews several people concerning the topic and make a list of the best posts from it. It helps to create new insights on how to make things better and improve visits.

Use social media to post valuable content

Social media can help to create credibility and thus increase traffic. Domain authority and page authority matter very much when it comes to blog posts. One must leverage a blog post on a website using social media to ensure that they get a stronger authority.

Advanced SEO internal deep linking

Deep linking involves embedding certain texts which link to other pages existing on other pages. It helps Google identify the depth to which the site pages reach so that it can index more of them. People often drive more traffic to the homepage and forget about the internal pages.

Improving lower ranking pages by sending link juice

If one has several pages which are ranked lower, there is the possibility of linking back to them on the higher authority pages. These outbound links come from high authoritative which is an indication to Google that the content on these pages is of great quality as well.

Link to an external site with a high domain authority

if the current page is the one that ranks lower, one can pass link juice from high authority domains to improve the trustworthiness of the site, thus improving its ranking.

Scan for broken link opportunities on Wikipedia

Always be on the look-out for gaps on Wikipedia such as citations, or dead links and create a post that elaborates on the topic. It is an excellent way to build links for the site.

Find and use competitors SEO keywords

One can take a short cut and use already researched keywords to rank high in SERPs. Therefore, always make sure that one is in the loop of what his/her competitors use to keep up with them.

Use AdWords Copy for on-page SEO

AdWords are already optimized and serve as another way through which website owners can look for from their competitors to have an idea of what keywords to use.

Use multiple keywords in SEO title

Make sure to use several keywords in the title of the web page which appears on the SERP. It increases the chance of driving visitors to the site.

Monitor statistics from Google Search console

Google search console helps to identify any potential errors affecting the site which may impact their search rankings.

Update old content

All content is valuable to the user. Website owners can repurpose old content by regularly updating old posts. There are old posts that still generate traffic. Make use of them to stay ahead of the competition.

Revamp old posts

If there are old articles that did not do so well, one can still revamp them and update them to ensure that they have improved.

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